The Key Things To Consider Before Becoming A Teacher

If you want to be a teacher are are lots of things you should know. 

You Need To Decide Who And What You Want To Teach

Where Do You Want To Teach?

Who Do You Want To Teach?

What Do You Want To Teach?

Clearly to be able to teach you need to know your subject.  This could an an academic subject or an arts subject. When people first think about teaching often the first think they think about is teaching in schools. This means that the subjects are limited to the subjects that are taught in schools.

If you consider teaching outwith the school system the opportunites and subject matters are enormous. Whereever there are people learning there is an opportunity to teach.

General Teaching Advice

You are in front of the class and you need to be a good presenter, need to make it entertaining and engaging for the class.

You also need to be a people person across the board. You will need to work closely with the other staff members, the community, the parents, the administrators.

Communication skills are key. You need to be able to listen. And you need to know your subject area and come up with some engaging lessons.

It’s a great career, if you like working with kids and seeing them growing over time, if you like working with people then you will have a good time.

Finally long summer holidays is an additional bonus.

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