My Jogging Stroller Club – How Best To Keep Teaching When You Have A Young Family

Often when we think of a career in teaching we immediately think of school teaching. We’ve all had experience with school teachers as we all went to school ourselves and of we often use the the word ‘teacher’ interchangably with ‘school teacher’.


Yet there are many different forms of teaching in all walks of life. If you are considering a career in teaching you should stop and think is it really school teaching that you want or do you just like helping people?

There are lots of roles in society that involve teaching that don’t take place in schools. We caught up with one young mum that has taught in 2 quite different environments to delve into things a little deeper.

Case Study – From Grade School To Fitness Club

Heidi Jacobs is a former grade primary school teacher that launched a 2nd career as a fitness instructor after the birth of her son Nathan.

We caught up with Emily to talk about teaching options outwith the schools system and how she thought the 2 compared.

PFTCE: Hi Emily, How long did you work as a school teacher and what was it that drew you into the teaching profession?

Emily: I was a school teacher for 5 years full time. I loved it I get great satisfaction working with young children. I taught the very little ones age 5 to 6. Each day was a joy!

PFTCE: What led you to stop teaching?

Emily: I knew I would stop to have Nathan and quite early on I decided that I would take some time out from school to be with Nathan as he grew up, I didn’t want to stop teaching though and that’s when I had the idea to become a fitness instructor.

PFTCE: Were you into fitness already or was it a new subject for you to learn?

Emily: I have always been a keen runner and I was ready when Nathan came. There was no way I was going to stop running, from age 6 months I was running with my jogging stroller and I started my jogging stroller club when Nathan was age 1. We’ve been running as a group for 2 years now already. We do cardio and mommy stroller yoga too.

PFTCE: How does that work, what does it involve and how does it differ from teaching school children?

It’s different because the moms that I teach in my class as obviously adults so there is a great social scene. And everyone brings along the kids too of course so I feel I’m still using the skills I developed working with young childrens.

Teaching is about helping people, that’s where I get my pleasure from it. For me it doesn’t matter if I’m teaching a young child how to count of young mums how to warm down correctly after a run, the same motivations are at work.

PFTCE:  Do you intend to go back to school teaching?

Emily: Yes I will go back to school when Nathan reaches school age if I can find a placement. Right now I just want to make sure I am around for Nathan as much as I can be, my jogging stroller business allows me to do that and keeps me fit at the same time.

PFTCE:  What advise would you give to people thinking about a career in teaching?

There is lot involved in becoming a school teacher. It’s a great job and I really recommend it but I think you can equally get some experience teaching somewhere else first. Do that straight away, there are lots of volunteer jobs that involve some teaching and it will look great on your resume too.

You read more of Emily’s thoughts on her blog here.

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