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Teaching Abroad – The Gift Of Travel

This month we have a guest post on how to teach and travel at the same time. Elaine D. Smith is a former Mathematics teacher that packed it all in the travel the world and…. teach maths! I’m not entirely sure why but a lot of professional teachers are also avid travellers. Many a school […]

My Jogging Stroller Club – How Best To Keep Teaching When You Have A Young Family

Often when we think of a career in teaching we immediately think of school teaching. We’ve all had experience with school teachers as we all went to school ourselves and of we often use the the word ‘teacher’ interchangably with ‘school teacher’. Yet there are many different forms of teaching in all walks of life. If you […]

The Key Things To Consider Before Becoming A Teacher

If you want to be a teacher are are lots of things you should know.  You Need To Decide Who And What You Want To Teach Where Do You Want To Teach? Primary School Secondary School College University Private Who Do You Want To Teach? Young People Teenagers Adults What Do You Want To Teach? […]